Hear what others are saying about our riding programs and training:

“If you are looking for Horse back riding for your child in Lac du bonnet area…..look no further!! Liviana has been going and just LOVES it!! Her teacher Nicole is amazing, patient, well trained and we have so much fun going to her lesson as a family! Contact her anytime and get started!! 💕”

“I hired Nicole to work with my 3 year old filly who was reactive and nervous in her nature and when anybody tried to get on her she would jump straight into the air and kick out with all her might. My filly was in training with Nicole for 2 months and in those 2 months I have seen tremendous change in my horse. I noticed that my filly was relaxed when doing groundwork and was worked consistently and in a way that made my filly feel comfortable and successful. Whenever I watched Nicole work, she was calm, quiet and respectful of my nervous horse and helped her build confidence. By the end of the 2 months I could easily get on and ride my horse both inside the arena and outside. She was responsive, well behaved, relaxed and much more confident as a horse. Since I have brought my horse home from Nicole, she has been wonderful with no issues and she feels comfortable to try and learn new things with a new found confidence and trust.

In addition to the training my horse received, I also felt that Nicole genuinely cared about the well being of all the horses in her care. My horse was fed daily grain and supplements when needed, well groomed and turn out was carefully managed. My horse was clearly happy and would look for Nicole whenever she left, even for a second. I could definitely see the bond and trust that even in a short time Nicole had formed with my horse.”

Katherine,Winnipeg, MB.

“I started equestrian riding three years ago and fell in love with it right away. I was young and knew very little about horses, but I knew I wanted one. When I started riding I payed close attention to all the other riders, specifically Nicole, and tried to follow and pick up on her technique. Not having my own horse made it more difficult because I wasn’t riding just one horse. As of today I can say that I am a proud owner of a six year old Palomino gelding, a horse that I fell in love with not only because he is gorgeous but because he was trained by Nicole – someone I knew that took great pride in her abilities to train and care for horses. Spending a countless amount of time caring and loving what she does made me believe that he was in good hands. Nicole did such a great job training him from day one.

I was nervous in the beginning of learning how to ride English but knowing that Nicole had trained him made me feel comfortable. Not only was I young and nervous but knew hardly anything about trust and confidence when riding. Watching her ride and work with horses makes me feel confident about riding my horse because I was fortunate enough to have her train him from the beginning. I still ask her many questions and respect her feedback. She genuinely cares about the well being of the horse and the rider.”

            -Danielle, Winnipeg, MB.